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Medical Malpractice

What to Do When You Suspect Medical Malpractice

As a New York resident, you have the right to expect that you and your loved ones will receive a certain level of care when seeking treatment at the hospital, in a doctor’s office, or at another medical facility. Doctors, hospitals, and other medical professionals and facilities owe a “duty of care”...

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Negligent Intubation

Negligent Intubation: An All-Too-Common Problem

For most of us, the mere thought that someone is about to push a flexible tube down one’s throat into the trachea (windpipe) is enough to scare us. Here’s a scarier thought: One recent study indicates that when the procedure is per...

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deaths by medical error understated

Number of Deaths Caused By Medical Error is Understated

A recent study by physicians at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (“JHU”) suggests that the number of deaths directly attributable to medical errors is understated – perhaps even substantially so. The research, led by Dr. Martin Makary, professor of surgery at JHU, reveals that the underst...

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medical malpractice
emergency room medical malpractice

Does Medical Malpractice Apply to Emergency Room Errors?

Maybe you were injured in an accident. Or, maybe you suddenly experienced pain and weren’t sure what was wrong. Or, maybe you simply didn’t know where else to go. In any case, you ended up in the emergency room, and you received a diagnosis and, perhaps, treatment for a medical emergency. Read More

medical malpractice

Did Your Doctor Make a Mistake? What to Do

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The recent study by Johns Hopkins University that medical errors are the number three cause of the death in the United States is shocking. We at the firm of Stenger, Diamond & Glass LLP, have been representing victims of doctor errors for years, and know the tr...

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medical malpractice

What Losses Can Be Compensated in a Medical Malpractice Case?

As a patient, New York law entitles you to expect a certain standard of care. Health care professionals are obligated to provide you care that complies with accepted practice in the community; as a general rule, as a patient, you can typically expect your doctor not to do more harm than good. Read More

Joan Rivers’ Untimely Death Shines a Spotlight on Medical Malpractice

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It may be one of every person’s greatest fears. You have to have surgery and you have nightmares for days before about something going wrong. Some people even dream about never waking up from surgery. Of course, doctors are sworn to “do no harm” and, in almost a...

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Hospital pays millions to veteran in malpractice case

Veterans in Dutchess County, New York and all around the nation are taking note of a ruling in a medical malpractice case that was filed against the John Cochran VA Hospital in St. Louis. The case involves a man who was left seriousl...

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