Company Contacts and Extensions

If you are having a hard time reaching someone at our office, you can dial 845-298-2000 and use the appropriate extension or, you send an email to them directly (see below contact information). You can also send an email to our general mailbox here.


Kenneth M. Stenger,  x 107, email.

Albert P. Roberts, x  111 or Cell: 914-475-4151, email.

Stephen E. Diamond, x 115, email.

Jessica J. Glass, x 112 or Cell: 845-505-1025, email.

Mary K. Ephraim,  x 135, email.

Joan F. Garrett,  x 110 email.

Karen E. Hagstrom,  x 133 or Cell: 845-554-6969, email.

A.J. Iuele,  x 121, email.

Ian C. Lindars,  x 131, email.

Karen P. MacNish,  x 175, email.

Meghan O. Mossey,  x 108, email.

Alexandria D. Weininger,  x 140, email.


Danielle White  email.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Lauren Trama,  x 118, email.

Gina Flores, x 117 email

Legal Assistants

Maria Jones, Real Estate & Land Use,  x 113,  email.

Sandy Turner, Real Estate,  x 134, email.

Jennifer Arno, Medicaid,  x 127, email.

Theresa Devens, Estate Planning,  x 105, email.

Lori Negri, Estate Planning,  x 104, email.

Lori Cerreta, Personal Injury,   x 120, email.

Jillian Medina, Litigation,  x 109, email.

Joseph Marrero, Litigation Landlord Tenant, x 126, email.