The Facts and Myths of Spousal Support.

A.J. Iuele speaks about the facts and myths of spousal support with Brian Powers of JGS. Spousal Support also known as spousal maintenance (and formerly called alimony) is money paid from one spouse to the other once a marriage has ended. Whi...

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The U.S. Department of Labor announced a final rule for employee versus independent contractor status

Businesses have historically preferred to classify individuals working for them as “Independent Contractors” rather than employees for the purpose of avoiding e...

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When the Paper Pushes Back

We all know someone who refers to lawyers as needless paper pushers. Some people say they don’t need a lawyer because a handshake is good. Some people say that they can read and write as well as any lawyer and don’t need to pay someone to do it for them. Often, these same people are the most surp...

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SGD Law mentioned in The Voice (the area’s Jewish newspaper)

Check out the coverage we received this week about our new name and management team. Our diverse legal and support staff is available to handle your legal needs including family law, estate planning, real estate, business and more. Contact u...

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NYS Liquor Authority Update

The night before Thanksgiving has always been a popular night to go out and celebrate with friends and family. As we all know, 2020 will be quite different so it is important to know what to expect as both a patron and a bar and/or restaurant owner. Below is the lasted update from the New York State ...

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