Injury-causing car accident occurs in Dutchess County

It is very important for motorists to drive responsibly when behind the wheel. This includes following all applicable yielding rules when out on the roads. Failing to properly yield can be a very harmful type of conduct. Such conduct can result in motor vehicle collisions occurring. Auto crashes can sometimes result i...

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Have declines in car accident deaths made us complacent?

According to the nonprofit Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, state legislatures have become complacent about passing new traffic safety laws in the past few years. Instead of passing an average of 20 or more highway safety laws each year nationwide, last year state legislatures passed only ten. The reason? Well, it mig...

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How can black boxes, other safety features reduce car accidents?

By now, you have probably heard that the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has received permission to move forward with final rulemaking that will require all new passenger vehicles to come equipped with black boxes, or event data recorders (EDRs). Event data recorders record the seconds immed...

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