My name’s Ken Stenger. I’m the partner in Stenger, Diamond & Glass LLP. I specialize in litigation. In fact, I manage almost all the litigation that comes through this office. People have a feeling about litigation, “Oh no, I don’t want to be in a courtroom,” “Oh no, I don’t want to hire a lawyer,” “Oh no, I don’t want to fight.”

Every once in a while in your life, you get to a place where you have to stand and you have to fight. It may not be a big thing from somebody else’s point of view but it can be a huge thing for you. There are conflicts that can’t be resolved, and when they can’t be resolved, we have to resort to litigation.

Litigation is just that. It’s a means of conflict resolution, it’s a means of bringing facts and more together. When people can’t find a solution, we depend on a jury and the judge to do so. When that happens, that’s when you call me.

We handle all sorts of litigation in this law firm. If you have a contract dispute, if you have a dispute between neighbors over a boundary, if you have a dispute between family members over who owns the house. In place, you have the dispute that can only be decided by a judge, call the law firm of Stenger, Diamond & Glass LLP.

We will take on that fight for you. Most times, if the law is on our side, the facts are on our side, we’ll win it.

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