An injury, when somebody’s been struck by a car, who’s a pedestrian or a bicyclist, can be a devastating one. You don’t have a ton of steel surrounding you to protect you from a vehicle. Driver inattention is a big problem in our country now. People aren’t paying attention when they’re driving, leading to Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents.

The attorney needs to know how to present the case where a driver’s been inattentive. They’ll look into why Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents happened, and what happened. Sometimes you may not even know who hit you, and that’s unfortunate. That doesn’t mean you won’t get a recovery. There are provisions for people who can’t even identify who the person who hit them was, to get a recovery.

You need to have an attorney that understands the nature of Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents¬†injuries. You need an attorney that understands all the potential injury that might be there and make sure they’re all explored. Make sure that if something like that is there, that it’s presented to an insurance company or a jury, if necessary, and that compensation is paid for every part of the injury.

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