Thomas R. Davis: You have people that get into the practice of law like I did, because they think it’s a way of helping people. Frequently, people will come in your door who’ve been through some very tragic circumstances. Their life has been turned upside down, and the great thing about Personal Injury Law is that you can really effectively help them.

An injury is not just a broken bone or a broken leg, or a spinal cord injury. It can be much more than that. It can be something that has a lasting effect on the family, for the rest of their lives. You have to have an attorney that understands a personal injury overview.

Kenneth M. Stenger: A lawyer’s most important job is to listen to their client, because that client is going to tell you what that client needs.

Thomas R. Davis: We’ll see if there’s creative ways to do things. We’ll see what new developments are out there in law, to make sure the clients get the full advantage of everything that the law provides for them.

Kenneth M. Stenger: We work together as a team. We bring together a very coordinated effort that results in one face standing in front of one jury, asking for a verdict. You want to hire a trial law firm, not a trial lawyer.

Thomas R. Davis: We have a very varied group of lawyers, with a varied group of talents. It’s an old cliché that a team approach works, but in our firm, I think it really does work. It works very well for the clients, because we have a stable of talent here among the lawyers that’s very powerful.

Kenneth M. Stenger: None of us in this building, none of the lawyers, are as good as the people that work around us. We are all as good as we are because we work together.

That’s what you get here. You have one lawyer who will stand with you in a courtroom. I promise you, if you’re represented by that lawyer, and that lawyer’s from this law firm, the most important person in that courtroom will be you.

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