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Property Tax Assessment

Property Tax Assessments in Hudson Valley, New York | SDG Law

SDG Law will evaluate and challenge your real property tax assessment which can result in a significant savings through reduced real estate taxes.

SDG Law will handle the entire property tax assessment review process from the filing of a grievance complaint with the local Board of Assessment Review through judicial review of the assessment. Our team works with owners of residential and commercial properties, including: office buildings, shopping centers, retail stores, hotels, nursing homes, restaurants, industrial facilities, rental buildings, coops and condos. SDG Law can also evaluate and identify tax exemptions.

Our services include:

  • Grievance complaints
  • Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR)
  • Real Property Tax Law (RPTL) Article 7 proceedings
  • Civil Practice Law and Rules (CPLR)¬†Article 78 proceedings
  • Correction of errors on tax rolls
  • Agricultural and charitable exemptions

When can a taxpayer challenge a tax assessment?

  • Excessive assessment – the assessment exceeds the full market value of the property
  • Unequal assessment – the property is assessed at a higher percentage of its full market value than all other properties (or properties of the same class) on the assessment roll
  • Improper classification of property
  • Improper denial of all or a portion of an exemption

Tax Exemptions

SDG Law will assist you with applying for and obtaining any applicable tax exemptions. The attorneys at SDG Law have successfully judicially challenged the improper denial of charitable and agricultural exemptions in New York State.

Important Deadlines

  • Exemption applications and renewals are due on or before March 1st
  • Grievance Day is typically the fourth Tuesday in May and for most villages the third Tuesday in February

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