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Theft and Property Crimes

New York Theft and Property Crimes Lawyers

Serving Victims of Theft and Property Crimes in Poughkeepsie and Wappingers Falls

An arrest for theft can be traumatic and embarrassing, but simply pleading guilty could haunt you for years to come. If you are accused of a theft crime or property crime, you need experienced legal counsel to protect your rights and minimize the consequences.

The criminal defense attorneys of Stenger, Glass, Hagstrom, Lindars & Iuele LLP, will make every effort to keep this episode off your record. Contact us for vigorous representation to fight the charges and limit the impact on your freedom and your future.

New York Theft and Property Crimes Attorneys

A conviction even for petit larceny (misdemeanor theft) can hamper education, employment and other aspects of a young person’s future, not to mention possible jail time, probation, fines, restitution or community service. There is whole other level of consequences for grand larceny (felony theft), which applies when the value of stolen property reaches $250 or more.

Our lawyers have handled every level of property crimes, including:

  • Shoplifting
  • Employee theft
  • Auto theft
  • Burglary
  • Destruction of property
  • Credit card theft
  • White collar crimes (embezzlement, fraud)

If you or a family member was detained for shoplifting or arrested for theft or burglary, do not make confessions, statements or offers of restitution. Always contact a lawyer first. At Stenger, Glass, Hagstrom, Lindars & Iuele LLP we can examine the evidence against you and help you decide whether to fight the allegation or negotiate. We will exhaust every possibility to avoid a criminal record, reduce the charges or minimize the penalties.

Experienced Defense for Petty Theft, Felony Theft or Burglary

From our Dutchess County offices in Wappingers Falls and Poughkeepsie, we defend the accused throughout the Hudson Valley.

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