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Kenneth M. Stenger

Kenneth M. Stenger | SDG Law Stenger, Diamond & Glass, LLP

Kenneth M. Stenger


Professional Experience

Kenneth M. Stenger graduated from Georgetown Law School at 23. At SDG Law he focuses on litigation, Land Use and Development and Real Estate. Whether it is taking on Daryl Hall for the Town of Pawling, protecting a private landowner from Scenic Hudson, or securing the approvals for the construction of a brand-new Hyatt Hotel on Route 9 in the Town of Poughkeepsie, the task remains the same.  See the problem.  Find the solution. Do the work.


But Ken didn’t start his career off knowing this. He didn’t start his career practicing law either.


Ken worked his way through Law School. When he came home to practice law he discovered that a first a year lawyer was paid less than what he was paid tending bar and working in construction while he was in law school.


Ken got involved in the production of concerts for the Mid-Hudson Civic Center and other venues. Jay Geils Band, Marshal Tucker, Judy Collins, Blue Oyster Cult, Lynard Skynard, or the Charlie Daniels Band.  You name them, he likely put them on a stage somewhere in the late 70s. Ken learned some valuable lessons during that work. There will always be a problem. There will always be a solution. It can always be found in the work.


By 30, Ken started his legal career focusing on real estate closings and misdemeanor criminal defense work from an office the size of a coat closet.  It wasn’t long before the lessons he had learned were put to work in his office and his practice grew to what it is today.


Ken has enjoyed his victories and learned from his losses. Most of all, he has learned how important it is to take what you have learned from inside the box to help you think outside of it. Whether it is a contract dispute, or a boundary line disagreement, or the meaning of a commercial lease, the solution will almost always be found outside the box.


Ken has been practicing law in Dutchess County for nearly 40 years. At SDG Law, there is a whole new generation of lawyers that Ken works with every day, sharing everything he has learned. They understand that there is a solution for every problem. They won’t quit until they find it. He is very proud of all of them.

Practice Areas

Land Use

We protect the rights of individuals and businesses involved in land use, zoning, and planning disputes. Whether your request for permits has been denied or your neighbor has encroached on your property rights, we will stand up for your rights.


SDG Law will handle pre-trial procedures including interlocutory hearings, and the port-trial procedures such as costs and enforcement of a judgment for individuals and businesses.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Representation of sellers and buyers in all phases of real estate transactions from single family home purchase through the acquisition and financing of large-scale commercial development projects

Education & Affiliation




Empire Hotel Development Inc. (Hyatt Place Hotel development) –Ken oversaw the development of a substantial Land Use and Development project (construction of a Hyatt Place Hotel) that will generate hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to the Poughkeepsie area. He and his team handled site plan approval from the planning board, was able to get tax relief with a pilot plan from the Town of Poughkeepsie, and convinced the Dutchess County IDA that the project was a tourism destination, so development could get underway. After all approvals were in place, Ken and his team handled the closing and the financing which was equally as complicated. The first was a loan from Salisbury Bank’s Riverside Division and Bank of Greene County. The second was a bridge loan from Mercantile Bank and the third is SBA financing that will take over the Mercantile loan after construction is complete.


The Daryl’s House vs the Town of Pawling. Ken Stenger represented the Town of Pawling on an ongoing dispute with Daryl’s House. Back in March of 2017, Daryl’s House filed a suit with the Town of Pawling, claiming measures the town has allegedly taken to reduce the concert venue’s maximum legal occupancy would force the business to close. The dispute is over Daryl’s House’s plans to build and open an outdoor stage. After several months, Ken had the case dismissed and is working with the Town and the venue on a solution.

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