‘Tis the season for high school parties.

From Proms to graduation—there is a lot to celebrate this time of year. On an average weekend, a car-crash is responsible for the death of one teen every hour. In over 45% of those crashes, alcohol is involved. Overall, motor vehicle crashes cause the deaths of over 35% of people aged 16-20.

No one ever plans to be on either end of a DUI charge, but mixing teens and alcohol/drugs can have disastrous affects that can alter lives forever. If you, or someone you love has been injured by an impaired driver, or, has been the victim of crime resulting from a house party, please contact our offices immediately.

While New York State doesn’t have a Social Host Liability Law, Dutchess county does. If a host furnishes booze to a person under the age of 21 (or someone brings it with them), the host can be held financially liable for the actions of the underage drinker and face criminal charges.

Stenger, Glass, Hagstrom, Lindars & Iuele LLP has extensive experience in litigation– we have fought for families that have been affected by drug and alcohol related crimes and we will fight for you too. Our team consists of attorney’s who focus on criminal law, as well as personal injury…this is the kind of legal representation you want on your side. Call us today to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Why Choose Stenger, Glass, Hagstrom, Lindars & Iuele LLP?

We know the Hudson Valley like the backs of our hands. We have two offices in the region – including one in Wappingers Falls – and we regularly represent clients who have been injured and lost loved ones in vehicle collisions on I-87, Route 9, and other major highways and byroads throughout the area. We also regularly represent local residents in personal injury and wrongful death claims involving medical malpractice and construction site accidents.

Jessica Z. Segal is an associate in the Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Groups. Her previous experience is at the Dutchess County District Attorney’s office where she spent 17 years prosecuting all levels of crime with many of her cases involving DUI charges. Jessica speaks regularly at local high schools about the affects of teenage impaired driving.

Some firms assign their clients’ cases to individual attorneys, and paralegals and other staff members may even handle the bulk of some clients’ personal injury claims. At Stenger, Glass, Hagstrom, Lindars & Iuele LLP, we take a team approach, drawing on each of our attorneys’ years of experience to provide the best possible legal representation to each and every client.

This team approach is part of our broader commitment to providing personalized representation and attentive client service in every case that we handle. Along with regularly meeting as a firm, we conduct thorough investigations and legal research in order to develop creative legal strategies designed to win our clients maximum compensation.

While we may be fascinated by the legal issues involved in your case, we understand that all you care about is obtaining a favorable result as efficiently as possible. We understand that you are coming to us in a time of need, and that you want a law firm that will focus on helping you win fair compensation quickly, so that you can move on with your life.

Our lawyers are passionate about helping our clients. We couldn’t do what we do if we didn’t care deeply about the outcome of every single case. When we take your case, we will work diligently to ensure that you have the money that you need to recover from your accident.

We offer free initial consultations at our offices in Wappingers Falls. During your consultation, we will provide an assessment of your legal rights, and give you the opportunity to meet some of our team members so that you can make an informed decision about whether we are the right law firm to handle your claim.

We handle all personal injury and wrongful death cases on a contingency-fee basis. This means that you don’t have to pay a retainer, and we’ll never send you a monthly bill. You get charged only after we’ve helped you secure financial compensation. If you don’t win, we don’t get paid.

In addition to our extensive experience in vehicle collision, construction site accident, and medical malpractice cases, our attorneys frequently represent clients in other types of cases, as well. Our experience ranges from defending clients against serious criminal charges to representing businesses in multi-million-dollar commercial disputes. We use our broad legal background to develop comprehensive and effective case strategies that are targeted toward winning the largest possible insurance settlements and court verdicts for our clients’ losses.

At Stenger, Glass, Hagstrom, Lindars & Iuele LLP, your interests come first. While some lawyers try to avoid taking cases to court, we are 100 percent committed to doing what it takes to win the compensation that you deserve. While most cases settle – and we will work hard to obtain a top-dollar settlement in your case – if necessary, we will be fully prepared to take your case to trial.

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