Personal Injury Questions

After you have contacted 911 and filed an accident report with the police, you should speak with a doctor. After that, you should speak to a lawyer. It’s that simple.

No attorney can say upfront how long a personal injury case will take. This varies from situation to situation. There are two main factors that determine the length of a case: liability and medical stability

In order to determine liability, we have to answer two questions: who is responsible for the injury, and to what degree is that party responsible? It is possible that more than one party is responsible.

Certainly. You almost always have options, and it is never too late to speak with an attorney about your case.

An insurance company considers two main things when making a settlement offer. One of those factors is liability. The other factor is the person’s medical situation. One person with a broken leg may be very different than another person with a broken leg. For instance, the broken leg on a basketball player is a lot different than the broken leg on a secretary. Generally speaking, the livelihood of a construction worker or a commercial driver very much depends on leg use, whereas a secretary’s livelihood is less dependent on this body part. The insurance company will take all of these things into consideration when determining what they’re going to pay.

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